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Operating System Recovery.

East Africa Data Handlers has the best software data recovery utilities to recover Lost data files in any Operating Systems.

Operating Systems Recovery Capabilities.

We have the capability to do data recovery in

All operating systems (DOS Linux , Apple Mac, Solaris , VAX/VMS, AIX , OS/2 , UNIX
HPUX, Microsoft Windows® : 3.x , NetWare , SCO ,SGI, Sun ,Windows Vista

  • On all Make or model or types of Operating Systems
  • All generations of drives from the oldest to the newest
  • Any form of Operating system having data loss due to loss from catastrophic data loss situations, simple to the most complex, including data loss resulting from human error, natural disasters and much more.

Causes of Operating systems Data loss.

  • From catastrophic data loss situations
  • Human error
  • Natural disasters
  • Virus
  • Malwares
  • Trojans


We perform an evaluation that helps to determine the level of data lost in the Operating systems that is given to us so as to allow a client make an informed decision before procuring our recovery services. Once they approve and authorize, the recovery process commences.

What to do when experiencing Operating Systems Data Loss.

  • Do attempt to repair your device or run any Operating Systems recovering software utilities. This may worsen or result to physical damage of the device parts caused by the software installation or repair
  • Bring your device to East Africa Data Handlers LTD our engineers will help you recover your Operating system at the quickest time possible.

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