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Mobile Data Recovery

East African Data Handlers offers Mobile Data Recovery services and we are the most trusted mobile data recovery provider in East Africa and due to this our customers fully rely on us to recovery their flash memory and mobile device data. Our customers choose us because of our trust.

Mobile Data Recovery Capabilities

We are proud to state that we have an array of options when it comes to mobile data recovery capabilities. Below is a list that shows samples of recoverable mobile devices that data can be recovered.

Smart Phones  Digital Players,Cameras Flash Drives &Memory Cards 
  • Palm recovery
  • Pocket PC/WinCE recovery
  • Any Digital camera recovery
  • PC Cards (PCMCIA) recovery
  • USB Flash Drive recovery)
  • Android recovery
  •  All MP3 player recovery
  • SmartMedia recovery
  • Memory Stick recovery
  •  I Phone recovery
  •  iPad,  iPod, recovery
  • xD Media recovery
  • BlackBerry recovery
  • Compact Flash recovery
  • SD Media recovery (mini, micro)

Causes of Mobile Data loss in the mobile devices, hand held devices and flash memory.

Two most possible causes of mobile data loss are:
Mobile Device Physical damage – the mobile device fail to function possibly because of wear and tear, dropping, overheating, abuse, liquid damage, normal and any form of destructive activities that can cause damage.
Mobile Device Logical failure – This is where functionality of the mobile device appears to be ok but some specific files due to logical failure are out of reach caused by software corruption, Power surges , Hardware failure , deletion by accident, Viruses , overwriting /reformatting and having lost volume.

Evaluation of mobile data recovery.

When doing the evaluation process we understand that the recovery process of the mobile devices and its accessories like memory cards and how they can be replaced as a much simpler option for the repairing of parts but East Africa Data Handlers Mobile Recovery Experts have in-depth knowledge on mobile device recovery technology and will advice you as our client on the status of the mobile device and memory card extent of damage to determine its data recovery process.
We evaluate the loss of mobile data by checking;

  • If the cause of mobile data loss is due to a physical failure.
  • When examining  if there is damage to the media.
  •  If  the cause of the data loss was due to electricity failure.

What to do when experiencing Mobile Data Loss.

  • Do not attempt to operate if the cause of the failure is Electricity related.
  • Avoid opening the mobile device to carry out mobile data recovery since you might cause more damage.
  • Seek our mobile data recovery services at East Africa Data Handlers ltd to help you recover your lost data.

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