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Recover data from RAID array which failed due to corruption caused by  member hard drive failure or a controller problem

We offer reliable solutions for database recovery .This include recovery of Oracle Database, Corel Paradox Database, Embarcardero Interbase Database, Microsoft Exchange Server Database and many more…

Damaged tapes? Missing data? Tape media unsupported by your current storage infrastructure? We can help! No tape recovery is too big. Let our experts save you time on recovering data from tape so you can do more important tasks.many more…

We have handled thousands of clients in the entire East African region to restore  unrecoverable hard drive files .

All unreachable data of any operating system are recored in our company.With powerful operating system recovery softwares all this have been made possible.

EADH has skilled  engineers with prominent knowledge on SSD and component manufacturers such as SanDisk, SandForce, Kingston, OWC, OCZ and many others. As a result of these valuable skills, we have tools and technology that allow us to recover lost data from SSD and flash devices.

Based on our experience and prowess ,Clients depend on our data recovery service for their mobile device  recovery solutions.

We have the best photo recovery softwares to get back your deleted photos from camera ,flash drive and memory cards.

We have the best data recovery tools at EADH to  recover critical data from all types of high-capacity RAID, NAS, SAN, tape and multi-disk servers.

Data Recovery steps at EADH

What it takes for you to be served at East Africa Data Handlers.

At this stage the Customer Support Team interacts with the clients to determine the type of device they wish  to have data recovered .

The recovery process start upon receiving your Signed Service Contract Form. Repairs and recovery of data is performed by our data recovery engineers.

At this next stage your device is diagnosed to determine the extent of damage so as to establish whether the data can be recovered or not.

Our support Team is insanely quick on phone, chat & email and we are available to help resolve more issues beyond the standard recovery support.

mobile data recovery

Computer Forensic Services

Experts in Digital Forensics and IT Security.

Our experts perform systems Digital forensics recovery and analysis.Some of the systems include ;desktops, network systems, servers, Storage device, and any removable media device in various formats .

Our experts evaluate IT Security processes depending on the type of device that require to be reviewed.

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With the most technologically advanced solutions available, East African Data Handlers is the undisputed industry leader in Africa for all data solutions, with offices and clean rooms located in different areas and well over 10 times as many data recovery engineers as our closest competitor we pride ourselves as the leader in this region.

We also provide support services to other recovery companies in the region who intern pass on the services to their clients

East African Data Handlers Data Recovery offers the most comprehensive suite of products and service solutions ranging from Onsite Emergency Disaster Recovery solutions to remote data recovery services. With varying price ranges, East African Data Handlers solutions are easily within reach for any company, agency or individual with lost or inaccessible data.

East African Data Handlers Data Recovery’s unmatched success rate is proven by a consistent track record of recovering data after failed recovery attempts by other data recovery companies anywhere, having the proper equipment and workforce that ensure our data recovery success rate is unmatched

We are proud to provide you with full Data Recovery Service coverage to any part of Kenya; Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret. Data Loss is only temporary and we prove it every day with the highest Hard Drive Recovery Success rate in Kenya. We Recover Data in Kenya from the Following Devices; Hard Drives, Laptops, Desktops, Raid SystemsRAID / NAS / SAN , Servers, Memory Cards, Flash Drives, Databases, SSD Drives etc

East African Data Handlers ltd no data – no charge policy means you owe us nothing if we are unable to recover your critical files.

East African Data Handlers Data Recovery Services provides personalized inspection of damaged storage media such as Hard Disks. Trained personnel inspect corrupt storage media and then recover lost data using techniques ranging from low-level dismantling/repairing of the disk to intensive usage of data recovery software. Stellar is equipped with Class-100 Clean Room facility to ensure effective recovery even in cases of media that is severely damaged.

East African Data Handlers does not simply evaluate your data loss situation, we provide you with a comprehensive list of recoverable files before asking you to decide if you wish to proceed, we will also provide you with a detailed diagnosis report on the failure or data loss situation . You won’t be making any decisions in the dark.

East African Data Handlers promotes a policy of total transparency for our customers. We guarantee you no hidden costs or commitments.s

East African Data Handlers Data Recovery is recommended by major hard drive manufacturers, and is authorized by Fujitsu, IBM, Maxtor, Quantum, Samsung, Toshiba and Western Digital to unseal any of their hard drives for data recovery without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.s

East African Data Handlers Data Recovery invests 18-20{73e286255f8194ac3b1dced4eeed3e8ee658b795cb770d1b882a79304e7a95d4} of its annual revenues in the future of technology by developing products and services to meet emerging trends and recovery needs.

The superior R & D and the highly trained professionals are the driving factors behind the company’s huge success. East African Data Handlers has an impressive clientele database of customers which bears testimony to this fact.

East African Data Handlers commitment to excellence been recognized and certified by various associations organizations awarding it commendations for its continued role in fueling business in Africa

We are Please to announce we were nominated as best 2015 ( COMPUTER FORENSICS & DATA RECOVERY AWARD ) and our Managing Director  ( ICT LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD)  Reference ( Award ) 

Our Stretch of data disaster recovery is now in  East Africa where we are doing:

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