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What Types of Data Recovery Services Provided?
Your data is one of your most valuable assets. Its permanent loss is a threat of the past as we have a solution for any damaged data media, including the following:

  • Hard disk drive
  • Raid disk array and server
  • CD or DVD
  • Exchange and Outlook PST Mail
  • SQL database
  • Iomega Zip cartridge
  • Flash drive, just to name a few.

Who can use computer Forensic Evidence?

Many types of criminal and civil proceedings can and do make use of evidence revealed by computer forensics specialists:

  • Criminal Prosecutors use computer evidence in a variety of crimes where incriminating documents can be found: homicides, financial fraud, drug and embezzlement record-keeping, and child pornography.
  • Civil litigations can readily make use of personal and business records found on computer systems that bear on: fraud, divorce, discrimination, and harassment cases.
  • Insurance Companies may be able to mitigate costs by using discovered computer evidence of possible fraud in accident, arson, and workman’s compensation cases.
  • Corporations often hire computer forensics specialists to ascertain evidence relating to: sexual harassment, embezzlement, theft or misappropriation of trade secrets and other internal/confidential information.
  • Law Enforcement Officials frequently require assistance in pre-search warrant preparations and post-seizure handling of the computer equipment.

Individuals sometimes hire computer forensics specialists in support of possible claims of: wrongful termination, sexual harassment, or age discrimination

Can i recovery my Lost Password?

Our Lock Smith Team will crack all your lost passwords

  • Windows Password All Windows passwords, Administrator Passwords & users names
  • Office Packages can readily make use of personal and business records found on computer systems that bear on: fraud, divorce, discrimination, and harassment cases.
  • Email: mExchange Password, Microsoft Outlook pst password, Outlook express password.

Which Service levels do you have?

We offer several service levels to accommodate every situation, budget and urgency. Turnaround times are dependent on the complexity of the data loss and reflect typical or average turnaround times.

Service Level Step 1 – Evaluation Step 2 – Recovery
Evaluation Report¹
Delivered to You
Recovered Data²
Delivered to You
Standard 24 – 48 hours 3 – 5 business days
Priority 12 – 24 hours 2 – 3 business days
Weekend 12 – 24 hours 2 – 3 days
Emergency 6 – 12 hours 24 hours
On-Site 12 hours 24 hours

¹ Evaluation Report – Engineers analyze your media, determine the condition of the data and provide you with an online report showing all recoverable files BEFORE making decisions to proceed with a data recovery service.

² Recovered Data – After your data is recovered, it’s returned on the media of your choice (hard drive, CD, DVD, tape, USB drive).

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Why Do Hard Drives Lose Data?

East African Data Handlers Data Recovery engineers classify hard drive data loss in two categories:

  • Logical failure – the hard drive is in working order but some files or data cannot be accessed for logical reasons such as a lost partition or accidental reformatting.
  • Mechanical failure – the hard drive is not functioning. The most common causes are head crashes and motor failures.

What Causes Hard Drive Failure?

The list of incidents causing hard drives to fail and lose data is not limited, but some of the main causes that East African Data Handlers Data Recovery services recover from everyday include power surges, overwriting, physical damages, natural disasters, and viruses.

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How to Recover from Hard Drive Data Loss?

Data recovery involves more than just replacing parts. East African Data Handlers Data Recovery services use cutting-edge hard drive recovery tools and processes that come from heavy investment in Research & development and 10 years experience. A sample of the expert techniques used includes:

  • In case of mechanical failure, hard disk recoveries are performed in dust-free cleanroom environments where they are carefully dismounted, examined and processed.
  • Hard drives are imaged. A copy of the disk is made and transferred to a new system.
  • East African Data Handlers Data Recovery tools can “force” the drive to read around the bad area.

NOTICE: Trying this on your own or through an inexperienced provider may lead to further damage to the drive

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