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Desktop Recovery

You have your desktop and you want to finalize your work and then something happens, causing your data to be corrupt. What can you do to have your desktop recovery done?
East Africa Data Handlers has the state of the art and desktop recovery experts who can recover for you damaged or hard to retrieve data.

Desktop Recovery Capabilities

Desktop Data recovery is available for;

    • All operating Systems
    • All brands, models or make of machines
    • All drives generations ( Old and New )
    • All forms of Desktop Data Loss as a result of ( complex or simple) hardware failure , accidental deletion, viruses, catastrophic data loss situation, natural disaster, forgotten password, lost password, system crushes and much more.

Causes of Desktop Data loss

    • Hardware failure .
    • Accidental deletion.
    • Viruses.
    • Tragic data loss situation.
    • Natural disaster.
    • Forgotten password.
    • Lost password.
    • System crushes and much more.


How we ( you ) know that your desktop is experiencing data loss and require our desktop recovery services. This can be done when you experience;

  • Grinding sound and Strange noises
  • The Blue screen of death
  • Sudden Unresponsiveness

What to do when experiencing Desktop Data Loss.

  • Switch off the computer immediately, for additional operation is likely to damage the data beyond repair.
  • Do not restart computer.
  • Avoid any installation or even re-installation of software.
  • Avoid shaking, removing, disassembling, or even attempting to polish or clean any suspected faulty hard drive since doing any mishandling could cause more destruction.
  • Since you are not an expert avoid using any file recovery utility software in an attempt to repair a faulty or failing drive.
  • Avoid drying a computer that is wet.
  • Do not try to run any devices that are faulty.
  • Get in touch with our desktop data recovery experts at East Africa Data handlers.

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