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Email Recovery

You can imagine how frustrating it is to lose your email files. At East African Data Handlers, we can help you retrieve the lost email files using “both do-it-yourself software” and email data recovery services.
When experiencing data loss in your email, to recover them will depend on where the messages are stored. Some of the places the email can be stored are; on a tablet, on mobile phone, on desktops or a laptop and on messaging server.

To recover emails that are web-based, data can be recovered only if one is using an email application with the capability to store messages on a local device or to duplicate in a different location such as smart phones.

Email Recovery Capabilities

Mailboxes stored in a server- either inside a Microsoft Exchange Information Store, a database, or individual messages in separated files like Outlook (.pst files) can be recovered by our email data recovery experts.

Our email data recovery experts have the capability to recover all types of email server. Below is a list of some of the common types of email server.

  • ArGoSoft
  • Sendmail
  • Qmail Toaster
  • XMail
  • Exim
  • MDaemon®
  • Postfix
  • WinWebMail
  • Microsoft® Exchange
  • Unix/Linux
  • (others)Kerio®
  • MailEnable®
  • SurgeSMTP
  • Lotus® Domino
  • Novell®
  • GroupWise®

Causes of Email Data loss.

  • When email storage device experience;Formatting or Reformatting
  • Virus Corruption
  • Sudden electronic failure
  • Email Server is no longer operational.
  • Physical damages caused by dropping or acts of nature like fire, flood or other disaster
  • Overwritten data.
  • Unreadable areas.
  • Deleted files.


  • We determine the email data loss scenario to choose what to utilize the recovery process
  • We Classify the email data level if it is highly valuable or sensitive

What to do when experiencing email data loss.

If you are not certain of the best recovery methods that fits the email data loss, our data recovery specialist are ready to assist you resolve your situation at East Africa Data handlers.


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