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Forgotten Password Recovery.

Picture this for a moment, you decide to remove someone who manages your office applications passwords, could be your employee or a trusted friend but you cross path and they do the unthinkable, change the passwords for all the files and to some extent even lock resourceful keys for your genuine software’s like for Sage, MSOffice Documents and then they disappear.
Another Scenery one of your long time ago client decides to show up and they want to do business with you and here you run to your archives to check their files only to realize you had locked them with a password and you can’t remember or even the accountant who used to handle the files can’t be traced.
The two scenarios above with all equal measure leave us all to assume the situation is hopeless, but hey all is not lost. Our Engineers at East Africa Data handlers Ltd are able to surprise you how they can recover many files types to retrieve the lost password getting you back a document that is not password protected
Don’t duplicate you work in many files just call East Africa Data handlers Ltd. Your money, Time and even energy will be saved as we do the quick recovery of your password.

Forgotten Password Recovery.

  • Forgotten Password Recovery Capabilities
  •  Supported File Formats or type include;
  •  FileMaker
  •  Microsoft Office – Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint
  •  Norton Backup
  •  WordPerfect
  •  QuickBooks
  •  Lotus 1-2-3
  •  Quattro Pro
  •  ZIP files
  •  ICQ
  •  ACT!
  •  Lotus WordPro
  •  MS Money
  •  Acrobat

Causes of Forgotten Password or password can’t be retrieved;

  •  Repression: this caused by anxiety
  •  Interference: Having too many password
  •  Virus infection: A password altered by a virus and reset.
  •  Malicious acts.
  •  Health (Old age/ sickness); Due lack of using the password for long or having an accident that affects the brain.


We look at the files and determine the process of the password recovery to be used based on the type of file.
What to do when experiencing “forgotten password”;

  • Do not panic We will help you recover your lost password even after password.
  •  Based on our in-house tests as well as feedback from East Africa Data Handlers Ltd recovery valuable customers, our password recovery process and the tools we use are some of the fastest on the market, while yet least expensive.
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