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Laptop Recovery

If you own a Laptop, and you happened to be in Kenya or Nairobi or any of the East African Countries ( Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Eritrea, and Ethiopia ) one thing  that is likely to happen to you is experiencing physical damage or even the problems that affect data integrity and that could result you to loosing data and force you to undergo Laptop recovery process. – This is mostly due to the portability aspect.

East African Data Handlers Ltd uses the most advanced Laptop recovery mechanisms  of data recovery to resolve even that most challenging laptop data loss issue.

At East African Data Handlers we can do laptop recovery of the data for:

  • All the Laptops Operating Systems.
  • All the brand, Models and makes of Laptops. In East Africa we are recommended by most Companies.
  • All the laptop drives for any generation from the oldest to the newest.
  • Any data loss found in a laptop from simple to most complex , accidental deletion, forgotten or lost passwords, systems crash, hardware failures and many more.

Causes of Laptop Data loss resulting to the need of Laptop Recovery Process.

  • Viruses
  • Natural disasters
  • Corruption

Evaluation of the Laptop Recovery Process.

At East African Data Handlers Ltd, we evaluate the laptops before doing a laptop recovery. We do this by determining what the laptop is experiencing; we check if it has strange noises or has a grinding sound, if it has the unresponsiveness behavior and shows any blue screen of death. We really on our clients to give us a go ahead after the evaluation is submitted to embark on the recovery process for them.

What to do when experiencing Laptop Data Loss and you need Laptop recovery.

  • Do not do any drying of a wet laptop since it might interfere with the laptop recovery process.
  • As quick as you can Turn off the laptop immediately since any additional operation is likely to damage the data beyond any Laptop Recovery process and repair.
  • Avoid doing any installation or re-installing of the software.
  • Any damaged device for the laptop holding data, avoid attempting to repair or removing the parts to avoid further damage.
  • Avoid using any data recovery software utility to attempt to do any repair to a failed data drive.
  • Any visibly damaged devices one should avoid attempting to operate.
  • Get in touch with Us East African Data Handlers and we shall help you recover you data immediately.

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