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Encrypted Data Recovery.

Are you someone who  owns a device that supports encryption and you have forgotten the password,  or it has corrupted encryption algorithm ? Relax! East African data Handlers encryption data recovery services can recover your data back to its original readable form.

East African Data Handlers Data recovery Engineers have the expertise to recover encrypted media and files. We use the best practices for data security protocols to ensure data privacy through all stages of recovery process.

East African Data Handles has security clearances for many government organizations and is trusted to handle and recover data. This  is an assurance  we guarantee to secure your data during the recovery process.

Errors received due to data encryption.

  • Media not encrypted
  • SG kernel halted (On a Safe Guard encryption)
  • Fatal Error
  • Decrypt Error
  • SafeBoot Error/SafeBoot corrupted
  • Abnormal blue screen of death etc.

What actions to take when experiencing Encrypted Data problems

  • Unless you are sure you have the correct decryption key, avoid attempting to do any decryption on your device to get your valuable data.
  • Bring your device to East African Data handlers and we shall

Note: Incorrect  usage of key encrypts to do  any decryption may make the recovery  process almost impossible.

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