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Forensics Services

Computer forensics Services  and  training  department  has experts who offer forensics  services  geared towards  a timely, high -quality, and  client focused solutions.
Forensic Capabilities
In forensics we are experts in two areas namely; Digital Forensics and IT security.
Digital Forensics
At East Africa Data Handlers ltd we have experts who will work with you as a client in mind to help when carrying out any computer systems investigation to see if they were used for an act of crime or unauthorized access activities. Our experts perform systems forensics recovery and analysis. Some of the systems this is done include; desktops, network systems, servers, storage devices, and any removable media devices that are in various formats.

We have the ability to recover encrypted, deleted/ hidden files /, proof whether any intruder (attacker) compromised the initial computer system monitoring activities, and determine if there were any modifications done, any copy of files done, identify if files have been accessed or even deleted. Our experts work around the clock to recover and carry out the reconstruction of the activities using the data found inside the suspected media devices.

Some of the storage media devices that data is reconstructed include;

  • Server Backup tapes, (internal/external ) storage media
  • Any handheld devices ( Simbian cell phones, smart phones , iPad , Blackberry, Andriod, iPhone, etc.)
  • Systems that manage database.
  • All forms of computer networks.
  • All the email systems.

Areas that require our Forensics Services

  • Encrypted, deleted, and hidden files recovery
  • Confidential information leakage to identify the source
  • Computer misuse complain
  • Mobile device (PDA, cell phone) data acquisition and analysis dispute
  • Malicious software/application installation
  • Corporate policy violation
  • Evidence/data acquisition, preservation, recovery, analysis, and reporting
  • Illicit pornography investigation
  • Intellectual property theft proofing
  • System intrusion and compromise detection

Our Scope of area we offer Training

About the Training.

Our training are offered from the digital forensics and IT security and are aimed at the career needs of key individuals that cover multiple skills. In many cases, our courses run for three days in length, offer in-depth coverage of specific and focused skills.
Target people are:
•IT Managers

• IT students

•Fraud Examiners

•Insurance fraud investigators

•Bank Examiners

•Forensic Accountants

•Law Enforcement Personnel

•Private Investigators

Digital Forensics

1. Computer Forensics,
2. Mobile ( Cellebrite, MPE+ and OXYGEN Forensics Suite) and other digital media forensics
3. Hands on practice with tools like FTK, EnCase v7, Cellebrite)
4. JTAG, Chip-Off Forensics (we target govt. personnel)

IT Security

1. Data Security & Loss Prevention,

2. IT Governance & Risk Management,

3. Incident Response,

4. Introduction to disaster data recovery,

5. Compliance Governance)

6. VAPT (internal, external and web application testing)

Practical approach.

The field of Digital Forensics and Mobile Forensics is relatively new both in industry practise and in the academia world, Institutions have a tendancy of teaching theory principles and concepts therefore creating a void in real world hands on practise.

Students Employment Development ( Seed ) Program ( 3 Months )

Our 3 months training program is designed to fill the work experience gap by applying experimental learning , a philosophy where by real world Case Studies are used to train IT graduates , with the guidance of experienced forensic experts. An opportunity to use International Commercial tools both Software and Hardware is provided.This training program prepares graduates for the industry and individual practice and gives the student an opportunity to interact with professionals in different fields.

At the end of this training program, the trainee should be able to practice the following :

• Digital Forensics, Concepts and Tools
•Mobile Forensics and Computer Forensics
• Forensics Accounting, Fraud and Corruption
•Understand Fraud and Fraudster Psychology
•Mobile and Computer Forensics Reporting
•Network Forensics Concepts
•Operating System Forensics Concepts
•Python Programming and Forensics Concepts

•Reverse Engineering Concepts and Forensics
•Handling of Digital Forensics and Litigation Process
•Provide a valuable work experience for students, experiential learning,mentoring and coaching
•Help students develop and build transferable skills in their field of study.
•Enhance students’ employment prospects upon completion of their studies


Our evaluation process depends on the type of device or the case that requires a review. We strive to deliver first class forensics services at East Africa Data Handlers Ltd located in Nairobi ,Kenya.


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