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File Recovery.

Are you affected by wrong deletion of your file and you are wondering what to do now that your file is missing. Relax we have got you covered, at East African Data Handlers file recovery services, we offer an array of file data recovery service options to meet the needs of all our clients to recover any deleted files.

File Recovery Capabilities.

We are skilled and have the capability to recover files in instances where;

  • The recycle Bin has been emptied;
  • Files were deleted while by passing the Recycle Bin (ex. large files).
  • Files have been lost due to accidental disk formatting, damage by virus attack, malicious program, or a power failure,
  • The photos & pictures have been deleted from a USB Flash, or the images are lost after accidental formatting of a Memory Card (SD, Compact Flash).
  • When a partition or part of the volume of a storage device i.e (disk) is deleted, formatted, damaged or it has a bad sector.
  • There are files deleted in laptop, desktop, server or other storage device
  • There are files deleted in Tape Media, Encrypted Data Recovery process, Server Hardware (HP, Dell, IBM, etc.),  Database recovery (MS SQL, My SQL, Oracle, etc.), Mobile Devices , an operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.), Email Client Application (MS Outlook, Outlook Expressx, Zimbra Desktop, etc.), RAID Level (Raid1, Raid10, Raid5, etc.)

Causes of File Data loss.

  • Accidental disk formatting.
  • Damage by virus attack.
  • Malicious program.
  • Power failure.


As part of our normal evaluation process at East Africa Data Handlers Ltd, we offer you a diagnostic process report of your recoverable files in your device which allows you to make an informed decision before paying for the file data recovery service. Once you authorize the process of lost file recovery starts.

What to do when experiencing file Data Loss.

  • Do not panic,
  • Don’t try to recover it yourself
  • Bring the storage device or just call us and we shall help you recover the Lost files or the deleted files at East African Data handlers ltd.

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